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What you can expect
from Global Search Partners

Global Search Partners was founded by a group of senior international search executives with the objective of providing executive search of the highest quality.

Our Guarantee

Global Search Partners will guarantee any individual hired through our assistance for a period of six months as long as the position for which that candidate was hired does not substantially change. Anyone leaving within six months of their hire date, for any reason, will be replaced by our firm at no cost to your organisation other than expenses.


Organisations making strategic management changes often desire that the search be confidential. At the same time, executives being considered for a management position also must maintain secrecy as they negotiate with their future potential employer.

The Global Search Partners’ approach represents the most secure method for maintaining maximum confidentiality—for both parties.

In-depth Research

Working under the guidance of the assignment manager, our team of professional researchers helps to identify corporations most likely to harbour potential candidates. We then research individual corporate structures to gain an understanding of how they operate. The next stage is to identify the individuals who have the level of responsibility we seek. In parallel, researchers access in-house proprietary databases for information and source information from industry contacts.

Off-Limits Policy

Global Search Partners maintains an AESC Code of Ethics policy of not recruiting from an organisation for two years following the completion of the last search assignment conducted for that client. Global Search Partners will never recruit a candidate placed with a client.

Equal Employment Opportunity Policy

Global Search Partners is committed to equality of opportunity. It is our policy not to discriminate against any employee or candidate for employment because of race, colour, religion, age, sex, national origin, ancestry or handicap, except when age or sex is an essential bona fide occupational requirement or when handicap is a bona fide occupational disqualification.

Professional Services

In selecting an executive recruitment firm, the client must feel confident that their organisation is being well and accurately represented. We take our “ambassadorial” role and responsibilities seriously. Our knowledge of the strategic and operational issues that face our clients' organisations has served them well over many years. One of every three candidates presented to our clients receives a firm offer. And 87% of these offers are accepted.

The challenge of change is well met with Global Search Partners.