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Global Search Partners was founded by a group of senior international search executives with the objective of providing executive search of the highest quality.


GSP Believes in The Challenge of Change.

Change is the one constant that faces every growing organisation. Markets change, products change, conditions change, methods change, people change.

And with change comes opportunity.

To take advantage of these developing opportunities, organisations invariably face the need to reassess their most valuable resource - people. Having high-calibre, qualified people in senior management is vital. But there often exists a serious shortage of this most critical resource.

Undertaking an executive search can be arduous. A professional, confidential approach by independent experts skilled in executive search techniques will produce the best results. Those with specialist knowledge of your industry will be your preferred choice.

Global Search Partners finds the people you need to meet the challenge of today in order to seize the opportunities of tomorrow.

Who We Are

Global Search Partners was founded by a group of senior international search executives with the objective of providing executive search of the highest quality. The principals have developed a quality, mid-size, international boutique executive search organisation to meet the challenges of your executive needs.

Increasingly, Global Search Partners is chosen by major corporations as a preferred partner for senior-level executive search. These users are expressing a preference for working with owner-managers and with highly focused teams. They value our breadth and depth of research capability. They want to work with a lean operation that has far fewer off-limits issues than many of its competitors.

Clients entrust the operation of assignments to principals and senior staff for their blend of executive search and specialist industry / job function knowledge.

With offices on four continents and in 15 cities, we are able to service accounts globally.


Our staff has developed resources and an understanding of the marketplace which can immediately assist our clients in identifying candidates who are industry leaders on an international or country basis. As a search practice, we also use every available database tool to assist the process. We do not expect to find our candidates on a database. Our approach uses technology but remains that of a pure search firm, relying heavily on the skill and tenacity of its in-house team of trained researchers. We maintain an ongoing database, which includes:

• Companies known for “best practices” and quality orientation.

• Extensive personal resource contacts of the major industry players, including personal profiles, reporting relationships and organisational structures. Profiles include professional and work experience, education, income and specific skills in problem solving.

As an additional dimension, our research staff has:

• The ability to distinguish sound business direction and strong corporate culture from situations lacking strategic focus. Invariably, superior talent is attracted to superior companies.

• Developed first-hand knowledge of compensation structures (current and trends) across different industries and functions.

Search Method

In every executive search, our primary objectives are to use a definitive position specification and to identify and evaluate only candidates who fit our clients’ needs, both technical and cultural. We follow a phased, thorough methodology to produce the optimum result in the minimum length of time.

1 Consultation
We meet with our client's staff and managers to develop a thorough familiarity with the organisation and the position(s) to be filled. We review the specific skill and personal criteria, identifying technical qualifications crucial to the individual's success in meeting our client's requirements. We also develop an understanding of the organisation's style and culture.

2 Research
We research similar industries, markets, competition, and environment. We define target companies and sources that are in a position to know where appropriate candidates may be found. We also target organisations which face business and technology management issues similar to those of the client.

3 Evaluation
Based on the results from the first two phases, we begin to identify candidates for the position(s) involved and compile a list of prospects for each job and location.

4 Contact
We contact selected candidates from the target list, conduct personal and confidential interviews with those that meet the client's requirements, assess technical qualifications and motivational factors, and evaluate the candidate/client fit. At the same time, we verify candidates' personal backgrounds, technical experience, and career history as they relate to the position(s).

5 Assessment
We review all serious prospects with the client and present their profiles in Candidate Reports that detail each person's background, technical experience, work history, and management style. We recommend only those candidates who meet established, agreed criteria and have a serious interest in joining the organisation.

6 Presentation
Candidates who interest the client are introduced in a confidential meeting at a convenient location.

7 Final Background Check
If the client and the final candidate(s) are mutually interested, we, or the client if preferred, contact references able to comment on a candidate's abilities, achievements, and personal qualifications. We can also verify educational background.

8 Negotiation
If needed, we counsel and assist with such matters as the compensation package and other specific details of employment, including relocation. We also believe that we are in an ideal position to counsel the candidate regarding any counter-offer that may be extended by the current employer.

In summary, we approach each search assignment with fresh enthusiasm, because we like what we do! The professional, phased search process enables us to provide the client with candidates who are:

• Exceptional and well qualified in their field
• Decisive and action-oriented
• Creative, but with perspective
• Capable of accepting greater challenge
• Well suited to the client's environment
• As close as can be found to an ‘exact fit’

With the various candidates we interview, we always maintain a personalised, yet objective approach. We never lose sight of the fact that we work for the client.


We believe in working with a relatively small number of clients on an ongoing basis. Many are sector leaders and the relationship is based on our reputation for delivering exceptional results and value.

Rather than charging the industry norm of thirty three and one-third percent of appointees’ first year compensation, Global Search Partners approaches fee levels in a more equitable manner. We believe that it is important to establish a relationship of trust. Fee levels, which clearly reflect the resource that has to be dedicated to a search, are an important factor in building an open relationship with clients.

Equally significant is the fact that once negotiated, our fees remain fixed. They do not vary according to the level of compensation ultimately paid to the new employee. Apart from the strong ethical aspect of this policy, it also enables us to assist impartially in compensation negotiations on behalf of our clients.